Monday, March 26, 2012

The Denver Pow Wow

Hello Everyone!
I hope that all of you are enjoying the beautiful spring weatherJ This last weekend, I had an incredible opportunity to attend the Denver Pow Wow and it was such an amazing experience. Our UNC admissions team headed to Denver for the weekend to promote our fantastic university. For those of you who are not familiar with the Pow Wow, it is an event where Native Americans gather to share their cultures and ways of life. They also have many competitions where they perform sacred dances that hold incredible meaning to each tribe. Tribes from far and wide congregate at this event and it’s one of the largest Pow Wow’s around. I had the honor of learning how to do the Shall Dance on the Denver Coliseum floor where I was surrounded by numerous Native American dancers. Besides the dancing, there was gorgeous art work and incredible handmade outfits (also known as regalia). Not to mention, the AMAZING food! If you have never had an Indian Taco, put it on your list of must haves!!! These tasty treats are made on fry bread and topped with your traditional taco toppings. The line circles around the main floor of the coliseum, but let me tell you, IT IS WORTH THE WAIT. J We had great success as a UNC team and were able to meet so many wonderful people. This event was the experience of a lifetime and definitely broadened my horizons.

Monday, March 5, 2012

No More Wasting at UNC!

Have you ever been eating a delicious dinner and although the idea of seconds sounds splendid; you are full and decide to throw the leftovers away? I think that many Americans have done just this for at least one meal; however, what about the people who do not even have food to eat? As a society we have always had a population of people without food and basic necessities, but as economic times hit hard, the problem has seemed to worsen. UNC has two dining halls that serve thousands of students daily, yet there always seems to be a large amount of food that is wasted. Luckily, the education program at the University of Northern Colorado has started a program called Waste Not! This is an incredible service where UNC students volunteer to package the leftover food at night and take it over to the local Salvation Army. The program has served over 6,000 people! The service has also expanded to Scott Elementary School, which is a local low-income school. Leftovers from lunch are packaged and sent home with students who would otherwise not have dinner for the evening. I volunteer for the Waste Not program and it feels so great to have the opportunity to help those in need. Not to mention, it looks great on resumes to be a part of something bigger than yourself! I commend UNC for how hard they work to improve the community around campus and to all of the student volunteers who dedicate their time to change the lives of others!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Relay 4 Life!

Relay for Life! An event that helps to change lives, not only those of cancer patients, but also the members of UNC’s campus who volunteer their time for this tremendous event. Every year UNC hosts an event through the American Cancer Society, which lasts throughout the night. The relay takes place in the UNC recreation center here on campus and there are many students who participate. The gymnasium is transformed into a motivational, inspirational, house of fun. The goal is for students to stay awake all night since cancer never sleeps and either will we until we find a cure. The event is at the end of March and my team, the Walking Warriors, have already began planning. Each group is supposed to plan costumes, activities, and snacks, which makes our plates very full and exciting! As teams eagerly prepare for this fantastic night, students are fundraising around campus and within the community to raise money for the cure. This year’s theme is “Under the Sea”, so I can’t even imagine how amazing it will be. Also, in the middle of the night, they put on a ceremony where the lights go out and bags with cancer survivors names written on them, light up the room. They have cancer survivors come and speak and play heart grabbing video clips of what people with cancer must go through to survive. It’s very moving and so incredible to be a part of. I will keep you posted with my Relay for Life adventures and have an amazing day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Mmmm.... There is nothing like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning!

“I orchestrate my mornings to the tune of coffee”. ~ Harry Mahtar ~
     Harry Mahtar completely summarizes my mornings, better yet my days, with this quote. Most college students thrive off morning cup of joe. In my case, I would be dysfunctional without a daily ration of caffeine. Luckily, Greeley has so many incredible places to get a freshly brewed cup of café! If you walk around campus on the typical morning at UNC, most students are carrying their own thermoses of home brewed deliciousness, a tasty Starbucks beverage, or a mug of coffee from one of the other amazing places around town. One of my favorite places to grab a great latte, is Margie’s Java Joint. This cozy, coffee shop is located right off of central campus, so it’s very convenient to stop by quickly in between classes or on the walk home. When you enter, you are greeted by friendly faces, an array of mismatched tables and chairs, and an aroma that can wake any sleep deprived college student. Another one of my favorites is, Zoe’s Café! This fantastic coffee sanctuary is located in downtown Greeley and is set-up in an old warehouse, giving it a unique, old-town feel. Zoe’s is a non-profit coffee shop and they host many community events and local bands. In addition, they have lots of comfy seating where students can study, play games, or learn more about places around the world. If you’re looking to have a relaxing afternoon and a great mug of espresso with a group of friends, this is the place to be. Your Place Coffee is another sensational coffee house in town. My favorite drink here is the frappelatte and there is nothing else I would rather do than sit in a big cozy chair near the fireplace here. They have an awesome environment to study or catch up with friends. These are just three of my favorites, but Greeley has so many more to offer. If you are a coffee lover or even a java house enthusiast, then Greeley may just be the place for you, so come check it out!
 <3 Zoe's Cafe <3

Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome Back!

Hello All! Today was the first day of the spring semester and the campus was filled with excitement. Students walked briskly around UNC in anticipation of what their classes would be like, if their professors would meet their expectations, and how many of their friends they would bump into along the way. The start of the semester brought many unique feelings for me. I walked around today feeling all of these emotions; however, knowing this would be my last semester on campus felt a bit different. Obviously anyone nearing graduation would be excited, but it also brought feelings of sadness. Greeley has been my home for three and a half incredible years and I can’t imagine leaving this place. I have made so many friends, joined multiple clubs and organizations, and have had classes and professors that have literally changed my life. However; like it or not, my undergraduate time here is coming to an end. I want this to be the best semester yet and I plan to leave my mark at UNC. I think this semester will be full of surprises with a full course load and I will be doing my Education Practicum, which means I have the amazing opportunity to teach two days a week! I can’t wait for what’s to come and although my feelings of leaving UNC are bittersweet, my New Year and first day back at school started off with a bang!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nice to meet you!

Hey everyone, my name is Nicole and I'm a senior here at the University of Northern Colorado. I'm an Elementray Education major with a minor in Reading and an ESL endorsement! I'm from beautiful Lakewood, Colorado and have fully enjoyed my time here so far at UNC. Deciding on the college you will attend is a huge decision. I had many choices in mind as the average high school senior does. I scheduled a list of colleges to tour and my mom persuaded me to include UNC in the mix. A bit hesitant, I arrived here in Greeley, went on an incredible campus tour, and FELL IN LOVE! I loved how beautiful the campus was, how friendly everyone was, and the size of the school was the perfect fit for me. Three years later, here I am, having the time of my life and making memories that will last a lifetime. I love to be involved in The Bear Hug Club (The Teacher's club), Mortar Board, Junior Honor Society, and Student Alumni. In addition, I really enjoy volunteering at the Weld County Humane Society, The Weld County Food Bank, and as a tutor at local elementary schools. In my free time I really enjoy hiking with my puppy and  friends, playing soccer, and baking amazing treats to share! I have been on so many incredible adventures here and I can't imagine what is in store for my future here at UNC! :)